Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Revolutionary Road:Three Basic Reasons Why This Movie Sucked

I went and saw this with my wife and some friends. It was a mistake. I knew this going in. But trying to be a dutiful husband/friend made me suffer this time. Given the chance I would have run for the door. Here's why:

(3) It's Kate and Leo...again- guys, remember how you got to hear girls swoon for months after Titanic about how hot Leo was? Girls, remember swooning for months after Titanic. It's that without the Titanic or the swooning. In a word, boring.

(2) When did the suburbs become so awful? Basic theme of the movie: suburbs=bad, city=good. The suburbs make too easy of a target. Let's see they played up the "isolation" theme, the "pretending perfection" theme, the "infidelity" theme (we did get some intensely R-rated sex scenes in the process). Sorry ladies and gentlemen, the problems the couple had in the suburbs would probably have still been there in the city.

(1) It's Mad Men without any of the things that make it good- we get to see the dark side of the 1950s/1960s, but without any of the characterization to make it interesting. The way they do characterization in this movie is by have people get upset and hit walls. Folks behind this movie should watch Jon Hamm's portrayal of Don Draper for an episode and see what characterization looks like.

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