Monday, April 6, 2009

Life after Newspapers more global than local?

Kinsley makes several good points here:
Maybe the newspaper of the future will be more or less like the one of the past, only not on paper. More likely it will be something more casual in tone, more opinionated, more reader-participatory. Or it will be a list of favorite Web sites rather than any single entity. Who knows? Who knows what mix of advertising and reader fees will support it? And who knows which, if any, of today's newspaper companies will survive the transition?
I think it's pretty evident that we're broadly pushing in the direction of European Model of the Press, which is of course, the old model of journalism. I won't argue the point with Kinsley. However, I would challenge him to consider the Princeton study.

Princeton showed that when a newspaper goes under, local civic involvement plummets.

Yes, perhaps news isn't going anywhere. But will the news be the kind that gets people involved in the issues that apply to their own neighborhoods?

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