Tuesday, December 22, 2009

100 Confessions: Favorite Movies

(95) My Top Ten Movie List:

1. It's A Wonderful Life- I think many people would list this in their lineup. I watch this every thanksgiving and several times during Christmas (I usually watch it once during the rest of the year, albeit a bit more guiltily). I want to be George Bailey.

2. Back to the Future- What can be better than going back in time in nuclear-propelled DeLorean to rescue your parent's marriage? And in the process, Michael J. Fox also gets to dump manure on his dad's boss.

3. Top Gun- I wanted to be a fighter pilot after watching this movie. That desire lasted all the way until I went to my first eye appointment and realized I could never fly with 20/200 vision.

4. The Godfather- Morality tale about gangsters and the downward spiral of crime.

5. Lord of the Rings- I'm a dork. Enough said.

6. Star Wars- See "Lord of the Rings."

7. Parent Trap- this one may take some explaining. So I never saw this until I was in my 20s. (No I didn't no it was Lindsey Lohan). And I suppose it's every divorced kid's dream to see their parents get back together--even though it never happens in real life. So two troublesome kids getting to know their other parent and ultimately bringing them back together, was I thought pretty cool.

Shut up and stop laughing.

8. Rudy- the inspiring story of the football player who could. He wanted to play for Notre Dame, and sure enough, he got to play for a Notre Dame. Great story.

9. Indiana Jones- classic story of the Western professor going to the east and discovering the Ark of the Covenant, which folks there were too daft to realize was under their feet the whole time!

10. Rocky- ADRIAN! This basically Rudy. But boxing, not football.

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