Wednesday, December 23, 2009

100 Confessions: Pies

(97) I like to make pies. This is a recent occurance in my life. As a child, my Canadian grandmother would make me "raspberry patte" which is a raspberry pie made with raspberries picked fresh from a local patch. (In a related note, this is the same grandmother who used the word "Quebequoise" as a curse word. Quebequoise being "people from Quebec").

She died when I was in early high school. But recently, Mimi and I were at Clydes in Chinatown and decided to order the raspberry pie. And when I tasted it, I was like "this is just not right. Something's missing here." And so I began my pie making journey. I'm pretty sure I still haven't managed to do the "raspberry patte" but what I made was pretty good.

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